Special Attributes:

-30% Faster Villagers

-Faster Archer Fire Rate

    It is easy to see why Assyrian is the most popular Random Map tribe.  The increased villager speed and faster archer fire rate turn them into a quick Bronze Age force which can kill most other civilizations with Chariots.   But this isn't random Map, this is Death Match, where you  don't have to worry about advancing to bronze quickly or anything. 

    Assyrian's strength still comes from it's villagers in a Death Match, in longer games the speed of mining gold is unquestionable.  With Jihad, the villagers become even faster.  Assyrian also has full siege, both Heavy Catapults and Helepoli.  This deadly combination can kill most infantry driven tribes and stable units.  With Ballista Towers, Assyrian can also defend itself and hold positioning. 

    Assyrian also gets legions, which lets them keep in longer games.  Assyrian also get fully upgraded priests which can convert and heal.  The civilization also is a great rusher.  Because of the increase in villager speed, stuff gets built faster, either beeline to ballista towers or to legions and strike early.

    Assyrian can fair well against most civilizations except heavy siege.  In which case, legions can take them out.  Disadvantages of the tribe are that their catapults and helepoli lack engineering which only affects them against Choson towers.  With proper use of their speed and variety of units, an Assyrian player can surprise most people.