Special Attributes:

-Double Wall/Tower Hitpoints

-30% Stone Mining Bonus

-Priest Refreshment Bonus

Babylonians can be the most misunderstood tribe in Death Matches.   Double Ballista Towers and Fortifications means that Babylonians can control a good part of any map.  Babylonian is also a good rushing civilization, because they have two ways of rushing.  Babylonian can either beeline their research to Ballista Towers and put upwards of 30-40 villagers on a tower rush.  Babylonian can also beeline to legions and copy the Choson rush.  Babylonians need to be able to mine most, or a good deal of the map's stone in order to be a force.

    In addition to the best towers and good legions, Babylonians also get good priests.  Each is equipped with a faster rejuvenation rate which enables them to convert more units in less time.  Heavy Catapults are another one of their superunits.  Horse archers can also be used to kill infantry in towers.

    Babylonian is a good civilization because they use little resources except for stone.  They also are great for position and controlling of the map.  Legion strikes means that Babylonians can keep in the late game game with cheap and effective units.