Definitely one of the better combinations in the game, this team can control a good deal of almost any map.  Choson and Babylonian can use their top towers to fend of any infantry strikes and stable units if aligned properly.  Hittite adds a thick layer of solid siege that makes them tough to beat.

    Choson's job is to basically, create legions, make priests, and control territory with towers.  Babylonian doubles Choson's job to give an extra dimension to attacks.  The Greek player will create Heavy Catapults, Helepoli, and Centurions.  The centurions should attack along side large groups of legions and centurions can also be used to defend against opposing legion strikes.   Helepoli should be placed around towers and add defense more than an offense, their job is to protect towers and buy legions time to build.  Heavy Catapults will be used to rid towers.  Hittite will protect the Greek player and nail any opposing catapult tribes as well.

        Similar:  Sumerian/Choson/Minoan/Babylonian, Sumerian/Choson/Assyrian/Babylonian(a good combo w/ 3 legion tribes!).