+30% Transport Speed

    +6 FireGalley Attack

    +30% Elephant and Academy Unit's Hitpoints

    Carthage is a good boat tribe.  However, they are also good overall.  Finally, more hitpoint centurions and armored elephants are great together in taking down towers and taking down opposing legions.  For this reason, they can give Rome a number of problems.  Carthage also is able to nail Choson very easily.  Faster transports are also good in inland games for transporting to the back of an opponent's town.

    Carthage is able to beat any other centurions and they are also as useful as legions are to Choson.  Centurions can now take down catapults and other legions.  They should be played very similarly to Choson only using centurions.  Food is a big concern for this tribe, you need to make sure that you have enough farms and enough gold to support the expensive units en masse. 

    Ballista Towers give them an edge over Rome, and their Helepolises round out a well balance tribe.  Watch out for priests and opposing helepolises, however.

Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

    SuperUnits:  Helepolises, Ballista Towers, Armored Elephants, Centurions

    How To Play:

    Make use of those great Armored Elephants, only three things can take them down, priests, centurions, and helepolises.   Use helepolises to kill any opposing centurions.  March large numbers of Armored Elephants into a group of towers and watch them fall, they can take down legions with ease and can even fend up against centurions better than the regular War Elephants could.  Use Centurions when needed.  Always accompany them with Helepolises and watch out for opposing helepolises.  You should farm like crazy as soon as you can and never stop farming. 

    Rating: 9.2