Choson/ Carthage

    Although this tribe does not having any Heavy Catapults, or even regular Catapults, the infantry force is uncomparable.  Adding 200 hitpoint centurions along side 240 hitpoint legions, and you have a very good backbone.   Both players get Ballista Towers so they can control a large part of the map and gold.  Both players are extremely dependent on food, however, which makes a slight weakness in this combination. 

    Carthage can supply Armored Elephants alongside a strong Centurion/ legion push and take down towers.  However, if a player is smart with his Helepolises, kiss this combination good bye.  There are no units that either of these tribes can get to take the things down, except for towers, which can be taken down by infantry if needed.  Be careful.  The rush is a crucial part to this team.  If you have a 3v3, add in a siege player like Hittite.