+80 Longswordsmen, Legion HitPoints

    +2 Tower Range

    -30% Priest Cost

    Choson is a tribe almost specifically built for Death Matches.  All of their special attributes are beneficial to successful DM playing.   The best attribute, the +80 hitpoints tacked on to each legion and long swordsmen.   This factor makes up for the lack of upgradeability in attack and hitpoints and then some.  Choson legions are able to beat any other civilization's legions.   Also, considering the rediculously low cost of Choson infantry, 35 food and 15 gold, make them the cheapest units in the game excluding Shang villagers.  The Logistics technology makes legions cost only half towards the pop limit, meaning they can have twice the number of legions possible in AoE.

    Despite the obvious advantages of the legions of doom, they must be built in enormous bulk and require an awful lot of attention.  The hotkey has been change to "Z" from that annoying "S" and heavy queuing of legions will make them come out quicker and in large numbers.   Legions are also mincemeat to far less centurions and/or war elephants, especially fully upgraded ones.  Ballista Towers and walls also take down legions rediculously. Archers, especially Heavy Horse Archers can nail legions down, as well.  The fast firing Helepolis can demolish almost any legion strikes.   Because legions are used in such large numbers, they also die in large numbers and your score will show it. 

    Despite the legions, Choson also get reduced-priced, and fully upgraded priests.  Priests can run wild converting people's towns and can avoid elephant onslaughts as well as anything else.  Priests can cause a lot of damage  if used correctly.  Unfortuneately, Choson players often do not use priests or misuse them.  If a player does not use priests effectively, War Elephants can wreck up legions and barracks. 

    Ballista towers are another advantage of Choson.   Their towers have +2 range, making them able to attack opposing units more and be able to knock down opposing towers without getting attacked themselves.  Towers can halt any infantry or stable units coming at you if used in large enough amounts.  In fact, only Heavy Catapults can attack Choson towers without being hurt.  Helepolis are also good units to use against unsuspecting infantry or stable units but are vulnerable to opposing catapults.

    Choson is a good tribe to use, because they can kill the popular Hittite player who build a bit to many catapults, they are also the fastest units to build and make great rushers that never cease.  The problem is, if a player can stop the legions, the can win the game.  Choson players can generally out run most civilizations on the resource level.  However, the lack of diversity of superunits, only three, makes them an easy civilization to manipulate weaknesses.

    Burning_DashDog's Run Down

    SuperUnits:   Legions, Ballista towers, Priests, Helepolises

    How To Play:   

   I will build eight town center with my first two villagers, and with my third, I place a good five towers in front of where I want my barracks to be and before my villager builds the towers, I plant a good thirty barracks using the Shift B + B technique.  I will position my cursor on where to build legions and press Cntrl + B, while clicking the mouse on the legions to build and repeating until I have queued about three or four legions per barrack.  Meanwhile, back at my town centers, I have already had tow villagers build a storage pit, temple, and barrack near my T.C.s.  I also have another two build a market, government center, and granary for upgrading towers.   With another two, I build houses like crazy.  And finally I send any unemployed villagers to the unbuilt barracks my original villager was building.  I than add priests and Helepolises after I have a fair sized legion army.  I will build towers in and around my barracks to buy me time if I need.  I like to farm all game long.  Mild woodcutting and goldmining is needed for more intense games.

   Rating: 9.8