Although they lack diversity, they can be a powerful combination.  Especially against a siege-loving Hittite/Hittite/Hittite team, this team can leave them dead in under twenty minutes.  However, anybody who knows how to stop legions may give this tribe more trouble than they had hoped for.

    Choson gets it's strength by cheap units which can be built without having to get resources for a good part of the game.  Because the units are inexpensive, this combination can wear out most lower level players easily.  However, better players that know the importance of resources will be able to last much longer.  Plus if a player is Greek, legions will fall one by one and probably will not be able to defeat that player.   Use this triple threat only if all Choson players are good rushers and are overall smart players that can take the curveballs that can be thrown on this combination.   Use sparingly.

   Similar:   Babylonian/Babylonian/Babylonian