Massachusetts Whistleblowers' Association


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May 18, 1999

Alpha Version Work Underway

    Today starts the Whistleblower Association website production.   This current page is an early example of what the website will be when completed. This version is considered "private" and will not become "public" until reasonable progress has been made.

     Completed plans:  Keep purple/baby blue and white color theme and logo. 

    Future Plans:  1)  Add more areas of the website (the top bar above with all of the links).  Please tell me whatever areas you want to include on this website.  2)  Complete current areas of website, as described in top bar, currently uncompleted.  3)  Improve overall interface and ease of use throughout alpha/beta website development.  4)  Allow more universal resolution support (website will currently display correctly only in 1024 X 768 resolution mode), 640 X 480, 800 X 600 resolutions must be supported before website is officially released.   5)  Netscape support must be added.  Currently, this website is watered-down when viewed in Nestcape 4.x, Internet Explorer provides the full features of the site. 

    This is in early devolopment and any changes can be easily made.   If anything can be improved, tweaked, or changed, please let me know.  Please supply me with any information you want posted and in what area.  Thanks.

--Bill Knaus