+20% Gold Mining

    +33% Chariot and Chariot Archer HitPoints

    +3 Priest Range

    Egyptian used to be much more popular than they are now.  Egyptian is said to be the best in pop limit 50 games.  Egyptians are highly predictable, however, with a limited diversity of units.  Elephants and priests are basically the only units that can do anything in Death Matches, and the lack of Armored Elephants is a big hit to them.  However, their priests are the best in the game. 

    With a longer range, fully upgraded priests become the longest ranged units in the game.  Egyptians can stop a lot of attacks, except for catapults, with a tower/priest combination.  Priests can also convert enemy buildings easily and, can be used over and over, unlike most units.

    War elephants are basically Egypt's only attack unit.   Along with elephant archers, they can cause a lot o damage to both infantry and long range units.  A big siege builder will never last against them.  Plus, priests can be behind elephant attacks and  convert buildings and/or heal wounded elephants. 

    Of course because elephants are their only attack unit, any centurion or priest civilization can easily kill them.  Towers also pose a threat to them because Egyptians have no siege to destroy towers.  Egyptians do have full ships but in Highland Death Match it is not something which can be wisely used.

    Scythe Chariots are the best in the game for Egypt, and need to be: a) used for a rush, b) used in HUGE numbers.

    Egypt takes a lot of decoys, distractions, and food to win games.  A player must be able to elephant rush and continually attack.  Food and gold are basically all they need to win.    


    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

   SuperUnits:  Priests, Ballista Towers, Scythe Chariots

    How To Play:

    I use Egyptian for a big Scythe Chariot Rush.  Their's is the best in the game.  I use priests to convert any towers, any centurions, any elephants that try to kill my scythe chariots.  I will use a few War Elephants but their lack of upgrading is a big minus for them.  You need to strip gold out fast and be able to produce scythe chariots to big numbers.  Good priests are another help, however, this tribe simply does not have enough weapons to be taken seriously in RoR.

    Rating: 7.8