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Welcome to the Burning Clan's Web Page



Dash is Back?

Well, I'm not going to decide anything yet, but I am interested in rebuilding the one and only clan I have ever been a member.  And I never wanted to intrude where I didn't belong.  So, with the recent collapse of Burning and its status as a "leaderless" clan, I saw an opportunity to help the clan out as best I could.  And will Burning be back to its glory days?  I don't know, I have no magical potion in my pocket to solve every problem.  All I can say is that I will give my best effort. 



Website Information

Well, what did you want me to do, re-invent the wheel?  Yes, a lot of this web page is carried from the old web page's layout.  However, if you do care to notice, I have become a slightly better web designer over the time since Burning (nowhere but up from THAT, lol).  I have some cool tables, a pretty neat java applet and an overall better interface.  It's a leap in the right direction from my previous pages, helped in part from three ground-up restructurings of my Frozen Clan idea's web page (it never happened and there is a clan called "_frozin" now...).  I added a Forum for this beta version of the web page, please drop a line.  And yeah, I know that I got to fix the units on the left bar, those I changed for Frozen and overwrote my Burning versions, so I'll have to re-make.  But that's another day, another headache...

I steadily updated that main page and that one has basically become this page.  Anyway, I hope that you all welcome the changes, and if not, you know where to reach me 8o)



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