+30% Faster War Ships

    +30% Faster Academy Units

    +1 Slinger Attack

    Greek has always been a good all around tribe but it wasn't until Choson emerged when they started to get heavy play.  Greek has the best siege in the game, with fully upgraded Heavy Catapults and Helepoli, with ballistics, alchemy, and engineering.  Greek doesn't get adequate recognition with their catapults because they don't have any special attributes like the Sumerian and Hittite tribes.  However, against any of the other ten civilizations, they fair well.   Greek's full siege makes them able to kill towers and archers, as well as killing infantry. 

    Greek also has 30% faster centurions.  The increased speed makes it easier for centurions to attack buildings and towers, as well as any other unit.  Greek also has good boats, but in Highland Death Matches, it becomes a non-factor.  Greek can easily kill most Choson players but runs into trouble with Hittite players.  Heavy Cavalry can be used to some effectiveness against catapults.

    Greek has good technology and a good distribution of resources, so if you're low on one resources, you can still build something powerful.   They have to be very careful with their helepoli because a heavy catapult can take up to four of them out with one shot.  

   Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

   SuperUnits:   Ballista Towers, Centurions, Helepolises, Heavy Catapults

    How To Play:

    I play Greek aggressively.  They are a slow tribe since they have nothing to rush with.  I think Rome is a much better choice considering that they get all that Greek gets AND good legions for simply sacrificing towers.  Greek has no great attributes to place them ahead of other tribes, but they have a well-rounded tech tree and their Centurion speed bonus is good when facing other centurions or siege units.   Carthage hitpoints, and Macedonian's added armor are better helps however.  My suggestion is that any one who liked using this tribe in AoE try Rome in RoR.  If you still play Greek, make sure a large number of villagers are always cutting wood for large siege armies.  Keep Helepolises away from any towers or Heavy Catapults and always try to use Heavy Cavalry when applicable.

    Rating:   8.4