+1 Line of Vision for Non-Ranged Units(Villagers)

    +2 Piercing Armor for Academy Units

    4 Times More Resitant to Conversion

    No Temples

    -50% Siege Workshop Units.

     Macedonia is a good scouting tribe, because of their +2 vision.  Macedonia also has +2 piercing armor, which basically eliminates the armored elephant upgrade.  The details on this tribe are still vague and are not set in stone yet.  They get Ballista Towers and they also get 50% less cost siege but they only get stone throwers and ballistas.  They also are four times more resistant to conversion, which makes them great against Egyptian tribes as well as some others.   Basically, use Macedonia for scouting and elephant killing.  Hittite catapults will roll over this tribe but if centurions and cheap ballistas are used well, Choson may get a few problems.

    Use their Armored Elephants well and nothing can stop you but Helepolises, which you can do little about.

    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

    SuperUnits:   Armored Elephants, Ballista Towers, Centurions, Heavy Horse Archers

    How To Play:

    Exploit their vision bonus for non-reveal games, it's a great attribute.   The cheap siege doesn't thrill me because they only get stone throwers and ballistas.  The enhanced piercing armor helps gap the Centurion and the Armored Elephant.  Heavy Horse Archers and Cavalry are a good pair together for taking down catapults, and infantry, because of the decrease in Ballistics in RoR.  They aren't a great new tribe for DM but they are very good for non-reveal games.  They are the tribe to beat in non-reveal.

    Rating:   8.2