Greek/ Hittite

    Greek and Hittite are a good team to play against a two Choson team or a Choson/ Hittite team.  The Hittite player must keep any siege tribes away from the Greek player and knock down any towers and such.   The Greek player then demolishes Choson.  Centurions and Helepolises are the only needed units to crush a Choson player, however, Heavy Catapults should be used to knock down any towers in case the Hittite player is occupied.  The Greek player should also build Heavy Cavalry to use against a Hittite catapult onslaught.  Again, the two teams should probably build together.  The Hittite can stop the opposing Hittite and the Greek player can keep away pesky legions from your teammate.  The siege and infantry combination should be able to kill most Hittite/ Choson teams.