Hittite/ Rome

   This combination is a lot like Choson/ Hittite, good infantry mixed with good siege.  Rome can play the crucial partner as either a Greek would or a Choson would, depending on your partner.  For such reason, this combination is unpredictable and powerful. 

    Assuming the Greek role, a Roman player will simply build centurions and build Heavy Catapults and Helepolises.  If the Roman decides to act like a Choson, he'll build Heavy Catapults, Helepolises, and legions.  Either can be effective depending on the opposing team.  If you have a Roman player assuming both roles, than it'll be extremely hard to beat them.

    The Hittite player simply need to do what he always does, smash things up using catapults.  Than add the Roman infantry and only a stronger Hittite player can win.