Double Siege Workshop Unit's HitPoints

    +1 Archery Range Attack

    +4 WarShip Range

    Formerly, the most popular tribe in Death Matches.  Hittite gets it's power from its good variety of superunits that are each fully upgradeable.   Most notable of the Hittite units are their catapults, equipped with double the normal hitpoints.  Although this feature is great for Death Matches, it generally overshadows the usefullness of their other superunits.  Centurions, Heavy Catapults, Heavy Horse Archers, War Elephants, and Ballista Towers round out Hittite's superunits.

    Whereas it would be foolish to not take advantage over Hittite's powerful catapults, it would also be stupid to just build catapult armies, as most newer players will often do.  Heavy Catapults have a number of disadvantages that nail them down to size.  They are vulnerable to infantry and stable units, as well as being capable of doing enormous damage to your units and buildings, plus being plain old expensive.  The best way touse Hittite is to focus on War Elephants and Centurions as well as Heavy Catapults.  Heavy Catapults are only effective when there's no infantry or stable units to crush them, so use other units to rid any such units before letting your Heavy Catapults rip up an opponents town.  Another common mistake from Hittite players is the deadly mistake of over grouping your catapults.   All catapults take damage within a certain range of the fire.  Catapults squeezed to closely together each take damage from opposing catapult shots.  So basically, two spread catapults can beat four bunched catapults because of the damage factor.  As well as when your catapults are bunched, opposing units can kill them much easier.

    Hittite has the ability to play any other tribe effectively.  Infantry units give Hittite the most headaches, a set of only catapults can be deleted in seconds by only a few elephants or legions.  For this reason, centurions/priests should accompany catapult attacks.  Heavy Horse Archers are also good units in killing big infantry strikes.  Ballista towers are also great to keep pesky infantry from your catapults.  Armored Elephants help sooth the loss of Ballistics.

    Hittite gulps wood fast and for that reason, a player must dedicate at least twenty villagers to the sole task of cutting wood and place a number of villagers on gold as well.  Hittite's Heavy Catapults can beat any other catapults one to one, even Sumerian.  However, especially with the Rise of Rome Expansion Pack, the Hittite player too dependent on catapults will have some big trouble with the reduction of ballistics effect on siege weaponry.

    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

SuperUnits:  Ballista Towers, Armored Elephants, Scythe Chariots, Heavy Catapults, Centurions, Heavy Horse Archers

    How To Play:

   I'll take Armored Elephants over the increased Ballistics any day.  Armored Elephants simply add more strength to an already strong tribe.   Heavy Catapults with a heavy backing of Heavy Horse Archers is still the smartest way to go.  Add in some armored elephants and Centurions to add soe legions fighting power when needed.  When I play Hittite I will build eight town centers, the third villager will build eight Archery Ranges.  I will pump out horse archers and send them at my enemies.  With the fourth villager, I have him build a market and a siege workshop and upgrade to heavy catapults.  I also build two government centers and a granary, later I build three storage pits.  Build Armored Elephants when needed, not as a requirement.  Use them to take down legions and add protection to your base for any legion attacks.  Make sure you upgrade to scythe chariots when you can so you can fight without gold if it ever comes to that point.  Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade, Hittite gets very good technologies.  Make sure you mine gold and wood for the whole game and farms if you use a lot of elephants or heavy horse archers.  Build about eight or ten of any building of which you are going to use a lot of units from.  My advice is to not queue expensive units like catapults or elephants too much.

    Rating:   9.9