Iron Age Start

    I always can get a general idea of my partners right off the bat by watching my partner's building their towns.  The most important unit in Death matches, and in the game, are villagers.  With that line of thinking, you'll want to produce as many villagers as you can in as short of a time as possible, to do this queue around three villagers per town center.  To do this, it requires a good number of town centers, like 6 or 8.   Take two of your original three villagers and have them build town centers for you.   Train a villager from your town center right off the bat, and continually make villagers when you build another town center.  With your third original villager, decide what you want to research quickly, for example building a siege workshop and a market with him for heavy catapults or helepolises quick start.  A temple and barrack for legions quickly.  Using your produced villagers, you can either have them build war buildings for a rush or have them complete your remaining town centers.  Do not stop producing villagers until you have at least 35 or more.  After you are set up, research your technologies and build like crazy.  To speed build, learn the HotKeys (like "B" then "N" for a town center.) and also press shift then "B" and then the letter of your desired building.  Hold shift and click where the building(s) should be placed.  When finished let go of shift and plant the last building.

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or Choson:

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