Clan Policy


    Who is the Burning Clan?

    The Burning Clan is a serious clan.  We play Age of Empires Death Matches.  Players must be willing to focus a lot of time on improving themselves in this game.  That means that players cannot play only a day a week and play other games on every other day.

    However, we are not trying to be a "utopian" clan.  This clan was not created to have only the best players possible and to never lose.  The Burning Clan is designed to be a tight, selective unit of players that are able to play well together and have fun. 

    What is the clan's position on members in multiple clans?

    All clan members can be a member of Burning only.   If a player joins another clan, applies to another clan, or is still a member of another clan while in Burning, that player is released from the Burning Clan without question.

    What is the recruitment procedure?

    Each person who applies to the Burning Clan must go through the recruitment process. Since the Burning Clan is based on a small amount of players, it is important that each member can operate and have fun with each other.   For such a reason, each existing member must vote for an applicant to join the clan.  If one player does not give a "yea" vote, then that applicant is not accepted.  Refused applicants may apply again in the future.  As the amount of members increases, the harder it is to join Burning.  The recruitment process is not a short process.  Applicants must play a couple games with current members before they are accepted.  Members are not allowed to vote for players they have never seen.  Once an applicant is accepted by all members, that player becomes a full member, with equal voting rights. 

    Are absences allowed?

    Extended absences, one week or more, without prior excuse will result in the booting of that member.  Each member is required to use their Frozen names a reasonable majority of the time.  If a player does not use their Burning name often, that player may be booted.  If a reason is given prior to an absence, then there is no problem.

    What type of players are best suited for Burning?

    This clan is designed for members of the ages from 12-20, however age is not an issue in recruitment.  Each member has a responsibility to the clan in how they present themselves. Cheating of any sort, i.e., nuking, intent dropping, ping flooding, booting opposing players before launch, etc. will not be permitted and any proven occurrence of cheating will result in permanent booting from the clan.  Players should not act like a idiots, which means no flooding, taunting sysops, or doing anything else stupid. 

    Players who are interested in a small, friendly, and competitive clan and constantly try to improve their game play are the best candidates.  Although Burning plays high population limit, highland/hill county, huge map type, reveal on, all tribes, versatility in other types of AoE is a very good plus.

    On a side note, higher end computers are recommended for members so lag can be avoided in games.  However, computer type is not a criteria for members. (233 Pentium II and higher)

    Are there any member duties?

    Players must read and remember any clan strategies that is passed by the clan.  This, like the recruitment process, must achieve a 100% vote on any clan strategy presented.  Any refused strategies may be re-written and proposed for approval again.  Once a clan strategy is accepted, players must follow it faithfully when playing with other Burning members.  The better members can play with one another, the better the clan is.  Being a maximum of ten members allowed into the clan, each player should know the style of each other member and be able to play with them.

    Each member is required to vote.  If any member, absences excluded, do not vote on an issue, then that player may be suspended or booted from the clan.  Voting is what runs the Burning Clan and failure to do so is not holding the clan's best interest in mind. Members must also thoroughly argue their points.  Arguing points does not necessarily coincide with length of forum messages.   If members agree or disagree with anything, that member must explain their reason why.  Players cannot just post "that is the STUPIDEST thing I've ever heard" and leave the message without explanation.  Players are encouraged to criticize different ideas with the intent of improvement.   

    Rankings are not a criteria for any member and is not emphasized by the clan.

    Are multiple Burning names allowed for members?

    Yes, but only to an extent.  The clan wishes that members use as few names as possible because it simplifies things.  However, if players are not content with the names they've chosen, they may change it if they wish.

    Can the clan capacity go higher if needed?

    Yes, but only in very, very special circumstances.   If the clan reaches capacity and an exceptional player really wants to join, then it may be raised.  However, the clan cap of ten should be considered a standard.

    Can real life friends join the clan together?

    Under certain conditions, yes.  There are only ten members allowed into the clan so multiple people seeking acceptance with one another is a stretch.  However, if the players are each accepted, then they are each members.   

    Are members allowed to play other games?

    Of course.  Burning has no intention of locking members into playing only in one game.  However, at the same time, it is necessary that players still give a faithful amount of time to Age of Empires and Burning.  As long as members can execute their Burning obligations and still play different games, there is no problem.

     What if I was a former member?

    Far more than ten members have passed through the membership of Burning in its history.  And for such reason, being a former member can not guarantee acceptance into the clan.  Your previous record with Burning will be taken into account, however, and increase chances of acceptance.

    How can I audition for Burning?

    If you are interested in joining Burning, please contact any Burning member and/or email Burning_DashDog.