Little Things That Can Win Games


   At this time, a large majority of the strategies for Iron Highland Death Matches have already been found.  However, although most expert players are saavy with the main strategies, there are an abundant number of smaller strategies that can really help win games.  I've found a couple, but I'm sure not all of them.

1.  Towering BEHIND your buildings

    This is an important little strategy because it helps kill units trying to destroy your buildings, buying you more time and perhaps more buildings.  By placing towers behind your buildings, opponents get shot at while they are trying to destroy your buildings.  And, they cannot destroy your towers without killing your buildings first.  This is great for 1v1 Choson legion duels.

2.  Spread out your Catapults!

    Catapults are the buggiest units in the game.  Their splash damage, which can even kill yourself is BRUTAL!   Because catapults have this awful feature to them, it is always smartest to try and spread out your catapults so that at most, only one catapult will get hit by your other catapults.  This is important because suppose an opposing elephant makes it to your catapults.  You large army will kill half of itself trying to kill that elephant.   However, if you spread them out, the elephant will die and only one catapult will be killed.  This works a little with Choson legions as well, but if there are enough of them, nothing can stop them.  This trick is also great for going catapult to catapult with another Hittite who doesn't spread out his cats.  You may kill five catapults at once in some cases.  Basically, this is just a generalship tactic.

3.  Villagers=Speed

    To all those people who use only one villager to create you buildings off the bat, you are far better off waiting one game minute and having five or six villagers create your base.  You want to pump out as many villagers as possible at the beginning.  I generally just press "H" and "C" really fast and try my best to keep creating more and more villagers whenever my last set is finished training.  This is also the secret to all RTS games, by the way.

4.  Spread out the Towers

    A lot of players today try and plant a ton of towers really close to each other.  This is a waste of stone.   If any catapult gets free fire, your whole tower sets can be ruined more than one tower at a time.  Spreading them out a few tiles apart protects against this.   It also makes it more difficult for legions to kill if they have to walk farther to get to the towers.

5.  Priests as Distractions

    When there are a lot of an opponent's army marching into your town, always try and have a priest to try a conversion.   Generally, you will convert whatever is flying at you, however even if you don't, it distracts that player's attention.  I like to keep priests near trees and other places where they're hard to spot.  This isn't particularly effective by itself but it doesn't hurt.

6.  Research As Many Technologies Quickly

    Most players like to beeline their research trees to only one superunit.  I like to try and get three as fast as I can.  There are a few tricks to doing this: a) planting all the technolgy buildings needed close to each other and have villagers build them and research accordingly  b)   Have a set of two or three villagers build seperate technology sets.  I prefer the latter because it allows more space for my base and it is better organized.

7.  Walling up your Technology buildings.

    Always assign a villager to put walls around your technology buildings.  Especially Granaries.  If a rusher starts to flood your base, you'll be thankful your precious technologies were protected.   I do this move when I can sense a player trying to rush me because I know that most players are aware to go for granaries first to stop tower upgrades.  A simple, one-layer wall may save you a whole lot of resources and help you guard against the rush.

8.  Get resources five minutes into the game if possible.

    Always plan your attacks towards the most resources you need.  If you are a Hittite player, look for gold.   If you play Choson, look for land without hills(for farms).  You should always start stripping resources or stockpiling food as early as you can, without clouding up your attacks.  For instance, if two Choson players are in a deadlock and one player has a four minute jump on the opponent, the contest is over. 

9.  Always be on offense

    Defense has never won a game I have seen yet.  It seems the player that attacks first will almost always win the game.  Never wall in yourself unless there is an unprotected area in your base.   Always send something towards an opponent unless it is sheer suicide.  Always try and sneak villagers behind opponents and build more bases.  By simply towering yourself in and not attacking, you are just delaying your death.  However, if you keep sending in more and more units and gaining land, the game is falling in your favor.

10.  Order of attack: Tech buildings, houses

    Always go for technology buildings first, if the opponent is likely to be researching something.  If you can slam their tech buildings before an upgrade is complete, most players do not know how to react.  Second to tech buildings, go for houses.  No houses equals no new units.   Regardless, it will frustrate players to see an opponent nailing their houses down and will have to try and rebuild them all.

11.  Location, location, location

    DM is all about land.   You need to spread out and well fortify any land you can gain.  Constantly encroach battle lines towards an opponent.  Any gained land puts you in the drivers seat.  If you strategically tower up during attacks, you will usually gain up a large amount of land by the end of the game.

12.  Merchant Ships

    In games with ANY water, players should always try to set up some docks for merchent trading.  The amount of gold it gives you is small but can be an important advantage over another team.   Tribute away an abundant, but little used resource, food for Hittite and wood for Choson.  It will only matter in long games in which gold is depleted.

This is not the end of the list.  If you have any other small tricks, please notify me.