-30% Ship Costs

    +2 Composite Bowmen Range

    +25% Farm Production

Minoan is a tribe most players will place as only an island terror.   Granted, they do have cheap ships, Minoan also gets full siege, both Heavy Catapults and Helepolises.  This makes them one of the better overall teams in the game.  It also means that they can kill Choson legion's easily.  Plus, their siege get engineering and alchemy, making them comparable to Greek's siege.  Minoan, therefore basically is a slight down step from Greek, which happens to be one of the most popular DM tribes.

    Considering the similarities, and the popularity of Choson, it is surprising they are not used more.  In addition to good siege, Minoan also gets Centurions and composite bowmen.  Both also help destroy unsuspecting Choson legions.  Minoan is great at killing any infantry or stable unit for that reason.  But Heavy Catapults, especially Hittite/Sumerian, can nail them.  In addition to that, they also have sucky towers, only Sentry Towers.  This makes them good partners for any tribe that gets Ballista Towers.

    Minoan is a great tribe for demolishing Choson, especially since most players think you are an idiot for picking them right off the bat.   It is a good tribe to use to nail unsuspecting Choson players.  They are one of the biggest surprises in Death Matches today.

    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

    SuperUnits:  Heavy Catapults, Helepolises, Centurions

    How To Play:

    Thanks to RoR, Minoan is number three for tribes with Heavy catapults and Helepolises.  They come with engineering and alchemy, so they are equal to Greek.   Plus, Minoan centurions are stronger than Greek's, with metallurgy.  However, Rome has the same qualities so I would play them before Minoan or Greek, but they still are a great surprise for your friends.

    Ratings:  8.2