Free Tribute

    Double Merchant Ship Trade

    +50% Speed Villagers(+50% Cost, +20% Gather/Hunt Rate, +1 Armor, +20% Wood Cutting)

    +25% Speed Camel Riders

    Palmyra's "super" villagers are great for stripping resources and building quickly.  The rest of their attributes are not beneficial in the Iron Age.  Assyrian players may want to consider using this new tribe.  They do not get any special units, however and that makes for a disadvantage considering the more popular tribes will have better units than them.  Palmyra will require speed and creativity to be effective.

    They get full siege, both Heavy Catapults and Helepolises.  In addition, they also get armored elephants.  For this, they are an inversion of Greek, getting elephants instead of Centurions.  They are a good overall race.  The high villager cost can be deadly in later games, however, by players who refuse to farm.

    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

    SuperUnits:   Armored Elephants, Ballista Towers, Heavy Catapults, Helepolises.

    How To Play:

    Make use of their speed, get Jihad as well.  Use their siege wisely and add in some Armored Elephants when needed.  Basically, they are an economic tribe, mine, farm, and cut, and tribute your partners.  They are a better 4v4 partner than 3v3 for such a reason.  No real strategies for this tribe, yet. I assume they will be a lot like Assyrian.  They appear to be more of a Random Map tribe than a Death Match tribe.

   Rating: 8.3