+30% Hunting

    +50% Elephant Unit Speed

    +50% Trineme Fire Rate

    The fact that War Elephants require NO upgrades to work well, they make great rushing units.  The faster speed of Persian elephants, then makes them the best rushing tribe in the game.  Master of the Elephant Rush should try this tribe.  The solid speed of their elephants also make good units against catapults.  Armored Elephants just make this tribe even deadlier.

    Despite the good elephants, if players get enough time to build centurions or priests or towers, Persian players are left in desperation.   Food is another minus of Persia.  Despite the reliance on food to build units, especially the expensive elephants, food production is bad because of few upgrades, making more wood for farms, and more attention is needed.  And since only few good players will gather, hunt, and/or fish, their increased hunting/gathering is worthless.

    Persia has other units than elephants.   Cataphracts make great campanions alongside elephants to knock down catapults and priests.  However, cataphracts are stopped by centurions as well, and towers.   Legions, another good unit of Persia's, is also stopped by Centurions, making those long-speared demons give Persian players nightmares. 

    Persia also lacks Ballista Towers, which will really screw them up when centurion armies come into one's town.  Persia also does not get to upgrade their catapults to heavy catapults, but are still able to knock down some centurions and towers.

    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

   SuperUnits:  Legions, Heavy Horse Archers, Armored Elephants, Priests, Cataphracts.

    How To Play:

   Armored Elephants make this tribe very hard to beat.  The speed helps them get to priests quicker and cataphracts can kill priests as well.  the siegecraft element makes towers no longer an issue.  Farming all the way is the best way to play this tribe.  Catapults will kill Helepolises and legions will kill opposing Heavy Catapults.  This tribe is loaded with weapons.  Plus, medicine helps your expensive elephants last longer and is a very smart thing to do after marching them through towers.  Heavy Horse Archers are good to have for opposing legions, in case they somehow get by you armored elephants.  Their rush is near impossible to beat and for such reason, are extremely deadly.  Plus, the can throw both legions and Armored Elephants at you relatively quickly.  I do not currently know how to prevent or react to such a rush.

    Rating: 9.0