-15% Building Cost ( -50% Towers, Wonder/Wall Cost Regular)

    +33% Swordsmen Attack Rate

    Rome is one of the best tribes in the game.   Cheaper buildings are great for cutting down on the building process which can drain a lot of wood. 

    Faster attacking legions can beat Choson legions one versus one, in addition, fully upgraded and given logistics, a possibility of 400 legions can storm at you at one time.  Rome is going to be the best legion tribe in the game and take out Choson, who will most likely not recieve the benegits of logistics.

    Despite their lousy towers, Rome has great infantry and siege.  They are an odd mix of Greek and Choson, seeing that they have the best legions and the second best centurions in the game.  Heavy Catapult's role is turned basically into tower killing although they have Ballistics so they can also bang up Helepolises.  Helepolises nail opposing infantry and stable units.  

    Scythe Chariots are a great tool for rushing opponents, because of their speed and quick upgrading.  Rome is a good tribe for players who can play both Choson and Greek effectively.  

    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

   SuperUnits:  Centurions, Legions, Heavy Catapults, Priests, Helepolises, Scythe Chariots

    How To Play:

    I think they are the best tribe in the game.  They have Hittite-like diversity, along with Choson-like power and cost.  The lack of HitPoints means you have to send more at Catapults than Choson would, however, once they get there, they will kill things better.  A Roman legions can beat a Choson legion.   Centurions add more help to killing elephants and Helepolises can keep any opposing infantry or stable units far from you.  They have a very well-rounded tech tree, their only flaw is towers.  They have the qualities of both Greek and Choson, so any one who can play either or both of those tribes effectively will feel at home using Rome.   They quite simply have the best units and the best tech tree in the game.   Double teaming is about the only way to beat a strong Rome.  I currently have no counter strategy or counter tribe to use against them.

    Rating: 9.9