Rushing, by definition is basically a strike that is intended to catch a player while he is not prepared for battle.   Rushing generally must be performed within the first five minutes of the game, of course your opponent's skill level also plays an important factor.  Basically, good rushes are done by beelining tech trees to superunits.  So, basically, other technologies are temporarily sacrificed for a particular unit's.  There are a number of common rushes in Death Matches:

    Understanding the Map:

    You can't rush an opponent is you don't know where he is, so in Reveal Map games, and in non-Reveal with proper scouting you can notice a few things that will hint to a players location:  a)  Artifacts/ Ruins:  This occasionally happens when a player is positioned right next to an artifact and/or a ruin, which reveals that player's location to everyone.  however, this cannot always be counted on to happen in every game.  b)  Number of Players:  If you are playing six players or eight, finding an opponent is easy by simply sending units to where your team does not occupy land.  If you are playing a 1v1, you will often find a river dividing players, simply cross the river to find your opponent.  The same river may also occur in 3v3 or 4v4, but may not be reliable becase of some unoccupied "islands" and such.  c)  Corners of the Map:   This is one of the poor ways to identify opponent's locations, by simply sending units to the corners of the map in hope that they will be there.  This doesn't always happen and it takes much longer to scout out the map with slow or medium speed units than some of the other methods.  d)  Scouts/ Horse Archers:  These are simply fast units, send in one or two and have them burn across the map spotting opponents.   Scouts have limited attack but good vision, while Horse Archers have the opposite.   Horse Rushing will be described later.  e)  Resources:  This is how I find opponents.  The engine used for Age of Empires makes resources randomly but also give each player a gold mine within a certain number of tiles from their town center.   I look for two or more gold mines in a relatively closed area, because this is a tipoff that the game engine is giving them equal resources. I send in units towards that location and I will generally find one opponent.  Again this is not ALWAYS true but is very consistent.

    Elephant/ Armored Elephant Rushing:

    This type of rushes is one of the easiest and quickest in the game.  The reason, elephants require no upgrading to be effective units.  So basically, players will take the third of their original three villagers and make him plant stables down relatively near his opponent's base.  As soon as more villagers are trained, place them on the task of constructing more stables.  As soon as a stable is built, continually build elephants.  Then, you decide if you want to wait and give a whole lot of elephants towards them or send in five quickly and continually attack from then on.  The risk is that towers can nail elephants and  priests or centurions can also destroy them.  Plus, elephants are extremely expensive units unless you're Phoenician.  Persian is the best tribe for this type of rush.

aoe0004.jpg (71455 bytes)

    Legion Rushing:

    The most effective and the most popular type of rushing.  Although it takes two upgrades for legions, they are still quick and canbe ready before five minutes.  Take your third villager at the start and have him build a temple and a barrack quick.  Research as fast as you can.  When more villagers become available, have them create barracks in mass.  Constantly make barrack units, even if they are broad swordsmen, because they will be upgraded all the way to legion.  Once you have clicked the legion upgrade, make many long swordsment and point them to an enemy's base, continually send in legions or long swordsmen until they resign or are defeated.  If they are used in large enough number, they will almost always win.  When you have legions pouring in, place a few villagers to skate by into your opponent's town, then have the villager's either build towers, if they are Ballista, or barracks near their base.  Continue to attack in large numbers.  Choson and Rome are the best tribes for this trype of rush.

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    Tower Rushing:

    The most riskiest and costly type of rushing.  Tower rushing is performed by creating ballista towers as fast as you can and building as many villagers as possible before the towers are researched.  Once ballista towers are researched send  a lot of villagers, 40-50, running at your opponent and build towers all over his town.  This is especially effective for Babylonian.  Build towers especially around any houses and/or town centers.  And in between barracks.  However, catapults can kill your villagers and your towers.   You should use tower rushing as a way of building buildings near your opponent, because most players can generally keep alive from tower rushes.  A lot of stone is used in the process however, and players will usually just run away and rebuild.   Babylonian and Choson are the best tribes for this type of rush.

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    Horse Archer Rushing:

    Horse Archers are great for rushing because they have a quick fire rate and they are fast units.  With one of the three original villagers, build about eight or ten Archery Ranges.  Try to send a horse archer in quickly to hopefully destroy and unbuild buildings an opponent is trying to build.  Horse Archers must kill any villagers they find.  Towers will stomp them down and so a smart rusher must make sure that towers cannot be built.  Also try to kill any villagers making siege workshops, since catapults can knock Horse Archer down in two hits.  always accompany this rush with other units soon after, to help fill in the vulnerabilityof Horse Archers.  Once you have Heavy or normal Catapults, throw them into the rush with the Horse Archers behind them, this helps fen off infantry from your catapults.  Assyrian and Hittite are the best tribes for this type of rush.


    Scythe Chariot Rush:

    Although these are some fairly weak superunits, they are quick and highly upgradeable.  Make sure you research them fast and built regular Chariots in Stables while you wait for them to upgrade.  Make sure you have a number of storage pits to upgrade the attack and armor on these units.   Scythe Chariots are extremely resistent to priests and cost no gold past upgrading.   Send these units in, once upgraded, and have them shred apart any villagers and catapults, which cannot hit them while moving.  Try to avoid the building of any towers.  Egypt is the best tribe for this type of rush.