-30% Villager Cost

    Double Wall HitPoints


    Shang is more of a Random Map than a Death Match tribe.   Because of the abundance of resources in a Death Match, reduced villager cost is not an important advantage to have until food becomes scarce.  Also, their lack of Ballista towers make their advantage in walls nulled.

    Shang doesn't have a great variety of super units.   Helepolises and regular Catapults make them decent in the siege department.   However, the rest of their units are not to great.  A player who plays Shang will have to be a flat out better player than any opposing tribe because Shang can't really beat any other tribe.  Choson legions might initially run short against Shang, but eventually, they will win. 

    Cataphracts and Heavy Horse Archers adds a little help, but they still get rolled over by most tribes.  Be extremely careful when choosing them.

    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

    SuperUnits:   Priests, Cataphracts, Heavy Horse Archers, Helepolises 

    How To Play:

    Rush like crazy w/ Horse Archers and Cataphracts.  Build some siege to put some dimensions to your attack.  Build loads of villagers to mine everthing on the map.  In addition, sometimes attacking with loads of villagers is actually an effective strategy, they get 10 attack and 65 hitpoint off 35 food.  I'm not saying that is's smart, but if times get desperate, it's a last resort.  I wouldn't pick them, personally, I fell their advantages are not very good.  Of course if you play Random Civs, you have a 1/16 chance of getting them and you should want to be prepared.

    Rating: 7.4