Stone Age Start

   Stone Age starts are a form of Death Matches rarely seen.  Basically, most players believe that Stone Age starts are wastes of resources getting your way into the Iron Age, when the real fighting begins.   This is not true, however, Stone Age starts involve bronze rushes and racing through the ages.  The main objective of this type of game is to: a) advance through the ages as fast as possible, b) attack your opponent with a good sized army before they can attack you.

    The most popular way to Stone Age start is called the 2-1-3.  this demonstrates the number of villagers created in the Stone Age, Tool Age, and Bronze Age.  Iron Age is unspecified and is more or less a matter of preference, pop limit, etc.  From the second the game starts, press H, C, to produce another villager.  With one of your villagers, build two houses.   With the other two villagers, build a barrack and after completed, build three or four storage pits, but once the barrack and only one of your storage pits is completed, hit the upgrade to Tool Age button.  You should have a total of five villagers.   Over the time upgrading, build a granary and continue to upgrade your towers when you can in the later ages.

    Once you hit the Tool Age, build another villager and with two villagers, build an Archery Range OR Stable(depending on tribe) , and with the other three, build a market.  As soon as the two buildings are completed, upgrade to Bronze.  While this is upgrading, upgrade all technologies from your storage pits, and outline around eight or more war buildings, depending on tribe.   For example, build Archery Ranges for Hittite, Barracks for Choson, Stables for Greek.

    Once you are Bronze, make sure you get Bronze Age units.  If you want to Chariot Archer rush, make sure that you have built a good number of Archery Ranges and are researching the wheel from your market.   Again, upgrade all technologies in your storage pit.  Over the course of you building up an army, make sure that you produce three villagers or more.  Make sure that you will have ample housing to support your army.  Also make sure that two to four villagers are building a government center (if playing a team game, get Writing), and a war building (depending on your tribe).  As soon as you have two Bronze Age buildings built, upgrade to the Iron Age.  While upgrading, have villagers place five or seven more Town Centers to mass produce villagers in the Iron Age.  Continue to build up war units and attack your opponent while upgrading. 

    Iron Age should be familiar to you.  Basically, create war buildings to create Iron Age units depending on your tribe.  Quit building any Bronze age units and build only Iron Age units.   Again, upgrade all technologies in your sorage pit and you may want to build extra markets/government centers depending on your tribe.  Now produce a large number of villagers and makes sure that you are getting the resources that you need.  Continue to send in streams of units towards your opponent(s).  You should have beat them to the Bronze and Iron Ages.  If not, practice different numbers of villagers at each age and try building different types of buildings/units.