Stopping Whore Rushers

    Before I begin, it REALLY aggravates me that these punks have become so numerous that this strategy even needs to be written.  I think that some decent player probably had a bad map where the people were all positioned wierdly and he tried to plant a set of barracks and it completely through off whoever he was against.  Then that person started doing it purposely because he knew he could win.  Then more people see it and soon enough half the zone is doing it...   Whore rushing is EXTREMELY cheap and very unsportsman like.  Whore rushers are not tolerated in the Burning Clan.

    My definition of a whore rusher:  Whore Rusher (n):  A Death Match player, commonly Choson, who purposely places multiple war buildings in a close radius of an opponent's town center in an attempt to slow down the opponent and quickly attack him within the first minute of gameplay.  In most cases, a Choson player will plant numerous barracks to cloud an opponent's building space and then attack with the units that come out of them.

    You can usually tell whore rushers before the game even starts.  They will often refuse to play anything but Choson.  They also have an extremely high ego of themselves, on average.  These players are also common in the "two-week clans" and longer and more prestigious clans are almost completely free of these types of players.  Whore rushers almost always consider themselves experts and will often be seen in expert labeled rooms.

    Stopping them.  Whore rushers cloud your land with buildings to take aadvantage of a small bug in Age of Empires that the villagers cannot attack war buildings and cannot move if they try to attack.  There are two important things that you must do to stop a whore rusher.  You must have a tower built as fast as you possibly can.  Take ALL villagers, even if they are making tech buildings and get a tower up.  If you have a Horse Archer, that will suffice.   Always go for the villager(s), there will usually be only one or two villagers to perform the whore rush.  If you can kill the villagers, they are frozen.  The second thing to do is to quickly plant counter-war buildings as close to your town as you can.  Pump out the villagers and put as many as you can towards building them.   For Hittite, build Stables for elephants, for Choson, build barraxks of your own.   Don't be afraid to plant them in between the whore rusher's building sets, you should get units as fast as you can and rip the unbuilt barracks. 

    While doing this, pump out the villagers as normal.   Concentrate on the tech buildings and Town Centers.  Try and upgrade your units.  Try to claim as much land now as you can.  In whatever land you steal from the unbuilt foundations of the whore rusher's, make your own.  Plant more of you own buildings where he took and start building an army like normal. 

    If your partner is being whore rushed, be line some villagers to his town.  The whore rusher will put a lot of energy in his rush, so you can easily overwhelm his town and his name will be scratched off.  Plant towers, even if only sentry, all over his town and plant some support buildings, elephants for Hittite and legions for Choson behind the towers and rip at his town like no tomorrow.  It shouldn't take an awful lot to destroy them, so you can keep focus on the real enemies if any.  Whore rusher's will always have extremely vulnerable towns and will run to their opponents if you attack them.  However, whore rushers are not good all around players and will not be a big problem for the rest of the game, they will attack in a few small surges and basically whine to their teammates for resources.  Take the whore rusher's mines and the game is yours.

    Whore rushers suck.   Don't play with them as friends or play them in any rematches, which they will often ask for because of their egos.  Offer them no advice and don't say "gg" to them, but you can say so to their teammates if they are ethical players.   Whore rushers degrade the level of competition and the spirit of sportsmanship in Death Matches.  Hopeefully, this will help you slam them hard when they try this lame maneuver on you.  And finally, sometimes good players will do this on accident, it's hard to plant a small "sneak set" of barracks in the corner of your opponent's base sometimes and it may accidentally clou their town.  Bad maps happen, so don't accuse players, that you know are ethical, of being whore rushers because they simply misread the map.