+30% Villager Speed

    -25% Horse Units Cost

    +30% Ship HitPoints


    Considering how very few players ever try to use cavalry, and even fewer can use them effectively, this tribe should be used only by those few players who know how to use Cataphracts and Heavy Horse Archers.  Since horses are cheaper for Yamato, units should be used in bulk. 

    Yamato is not a bad tribe.  They have good horses and good Centurions.  They lack siege and they also lack towers.  Heavy Horse Archers and Centurions can kill Choson legions and Cataphracts can kill Hittite Heavy Catapults.  It's a nice change of pace from the "mainstream" tribes.

    Yamato also lacks Ballista towers.  So, holding land is a problem for this tribe, and stone can be given off to a partner off the bat.   Faster villagers strip resources quicker and build things faster.  This tribe should be used by people who can use Assyrian well.

    Frozen_DashDog's Run Down

   SuperUnits:  Cataphracts, Heavy Horse Archers, Centurions

    How To Play:

    Speed, Speed, Speed.  You either rush with HHA and Cavalry or you're screwed.  They get no siege so towers will screw them.  Make sure you collect a lot of gold to pay for the expensive horses and centurions.  You'll need a lot of siege support to play this tribe.

    Rating: 7.9